Do you have any old cine film of family events, Weddings, Holidays, Days Out, Birthdays or Christmas, that you wish could be viewed again?

Image Films can transfer 16mm, 8mm or 9.5mm to DVD and add music and titles if you wish.

Prices start at £50 for up to one hour of film on one DVD.

We can also transfer Hi8, VHSc and VHS Video footage to DVD,

£30 for up to one hour on one DVD.

78rpm records, Cassette tape and Reel to Reel tape to CD,

£20 for up to one hour on one CD.

35mm Negs and Slides to CD (tif files), 35p each, minimum fee £5.25.

Additional copies of DVDs or CDs at same time £5 each,

£10 each if ordered at a later date.

Contact Us for more details and quote