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RYDE 125

Ryde Carnival is reputedly the oldest in the country. The first recorded procession was held on 17th August 1888. Cine photography was in its infancy, so we have no moving images of those early days . Our earliest footage dates from 1935 and we travel through the decades with film from the carnival heydays of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Plus 2004 and 2013.
Most processions had at least six local youth bands interspersed throughout the tableaux and were attended by such regulars as The Ryde Buccaneers, Warners Holiday Camps, The Keystone Kops, local industry, Public houses, The Ventnor Jazz Band and, of course, the Carnival Queens with their attendants.
This is not a history of Ryde Carnival, more a celebration of 125 years of fun, so join us as we journey back to a time when PC meant a Police Constable and ‘health’ and ‘safety’ were not linked together.

Aspect Ratio 4.3, Stereo Sound, Pal TV region 2. Running time 65 minutes.

Released: 26 August 2013

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