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London Underground trains operating on the Isle of Wight? Yes- it’s true. From 1967, pre 2nd World War stock from the underground has carried locals and holidaymakers on the Ryde to Shanklin line via another seaside resort, Sandown. The carriages’ relatively low height and length meant that, after electrification of this eight and half mile line, they were just the ticket as replacements for even more ancient steam-hauled trains. Not only does this film tell the fascinating story of the Underground trains on the Isle of Wight, but also delves deeply into the early London history of the three lines from which the age defying stock eminated: the Piccadilly, the now defunct Northern City, and – later – the Northern. The early beginnings of the London Underground itself, the World’s first underground, is also highlighted.

The narrator is Peter Boffin, and Michael Arnell provides a suitably retro commentary for the old film footage provided by the London Transport Museum, which also kindly allowed the free use of many of its archive photographs.

Aspect Ratio 4.3 | Stereo Sound
Pal Region 2 | Running time 85 minutes
Single Layer Single Sided Disk | Colour and Monochrome

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