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The Isle of Wight Film Archive, Image Films and FilmWight have about 100 hours of Island films in their combined collections. Spools of commercial productions stand alongside semi-professional movies and amateur film clips. The trustees are slowly viewing the miles of footage to catalogue and preserve these precious and fragile glimpses of people and places long gone from the Island scene. The original film makers intended their movies to be seen, not hidden away in a rusty can on a dusty shelf, so to this end DVDs are being produced to eventually bring them all to a wider audience. ‘Sandown Scrapbook’ contains selected extracts from, ‘Yesterday’s Movies’, ‘Carnival Cavalcade’, ‘Island In The Sun’, ‘Sunshine Isle’ and ‘Along The Shore’, some of the DVDs already available, as well as recently discovered footage of Sandown that has not previously seen the light of day.

|Aspect Ratio 4.3 | Stereo Sound | Region 2 |
| Running time approx 50 mins | Colour and Monochrome|
Released: 01 December 2012 Revised April 2015

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