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Before the advent of Video and the electronic age the enthusiastic moviemaker who wished to capture holiday memories or special events used Cine Film. Over the years thousands of reels have been taken on the Isle of Wight. Once processed they were projected in darkened rooms for family and friends perhaps once or twice a year and then placed in a box in the attic to be forgotten until the next generation discovered them. Unable to view the film, because of the demise of suitable equipment; and the knowledge to operate it, the reels were usually consigned to the dustbin and lost forever. But now, with the help of digital technology, it has been possible to salvage some of this footage. Travel back in time and rediscover forgotten scenes and events filmed on the Island by Amateurs. Including, Boating at Alverstone 1946, Ryde Carnival 1956, Steam Trains on Ryde Pier 1966 and Easter Cycle Race 1967.

Includes music by Ian Webster Krakli software

PAL Televison system, Region 2, Stereo Sound and Aspect Ratio 4.3, 50 minutes

Released: 11 October 2005

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