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Mr Frank Mellanby was a keen amateur movie maker and using 16mm colour film in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s he captured on cine a unique record of Island life. He was the proprietor of Nicholsons, a photographic chemist on Ryde Esplanade, and being in the trade had access to all the latest cine equipment for making his films. These films have recently been discovered after being mislaid since his death in 1973. Image Films are still cataloguing the collection, but so far have been able to restore and preserve some priceless footage. Featured on this DVD are three films made over 50 years ago by Frank Mellanby. Two have a nautical flavour, “The 1953 Royal Fleet Review at Spithead” and “A Trip Around Bembridge Harbour” which includes footage of one of the few one design classes of boat still in existence today, the Bembridge Redwing. The third film is “Sunshine Isle”. Narrated by Alvar Lidell, who, during the Second World War, was a BBC news announcer, this film was commissioned by the Isle of Wight Publicity Council and made by Frank with two other members of the Isle of Wight Amateur Cine Society of which he was chairman at the time.

PAL Televison system, Region 2, Stereo Sound and Aspect Ratio 4.3, 60 minutes

Released: 01 July 2006



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